We're reaching for the sky!

In 2011, we decided to return to Nova Scotia after 5 years in the Kitchener/Waterloo area in Ontario. Married for almost four years, we came home to be closer to our families.

Seth has always had a love of flying and of hot air balloons in particular. Growing up in Sussex, New Brunswick, he would spend as much time as he could at the annual hot air balloon fiesta watching the balloons take flight and eventually learning to crew once he got his driver’s license. Seth knew that his life would involve flight, so in 1998 he decided to go to pilot’s school to get his commercial fixed wing license.

Years later, in Ontario, came the opportunity for Seth to train for his hot air balloon pilot license. In the summer of 2006 he trained with one of the best pilots in the industry and began flying commercially. Seth now has over 500 hours in the air in planes and balloons.

After deciding to move home, we knew that one day our lives would include a balloon, we just didn’t know when. We purchased a home in Windsor knowing that one day we’d be flying over the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

This year, our dream became a reality… and now yours can too! Call us to book your flight today.

Seth and Katherine Bailey

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